Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Day's Worth of Blogging

What a marvellous Sunday. Hours at the computer taking a peek into other bloggers' lives. Recipes, stories, photos, humour ~ the publishing industry MUST be suffering. Bloggers are doing it for themselves. Although I did find a reference to Digital Dish today, and I'm tempted to buy it.

So, for me the ideal food blog:

  • has no on site advertising

  • has clear, colour correct photos of dishes that can be prepared and enjoyed by a mere mortal, who may not have done a Cordon Bleu course

  • gives me an insight on what it means to cook and eat in the likes of Norway, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, KL, the Philippines...I could go on

  • gives links to the Bloggers fave cookbooks

  • gives links to other food blogs

  • has a sense of humour and isn't afraid to admit culinary failure

  • These photos were taken by the Vegetarian Egg Hating Coeliac at the 2005 'Art of Flowers' held at Government House, Sydney and are copyrighted.

    Am completely jealous of the Europeans and the Canadians and their postal blogging, and have suggested to Augustus Gloop at Grab Your Fork that maybe us Aussies could try and set one up with NZ (if customs and quarantine allows). If all else fails, maybe we could implement a regional Australian one.

    Oh, and I think we're having take out pizza tonight.


    Owen said...

    Thank you for you nice message about Digital Dish. FWIW, spiceblog aka the man who cooks is included. And, if you are going to get the book, buy it from not from amazon - amazon charges 55% of the list price up front to us as a fee. I end up making about $1. All the bloggers in the book get royalties - at a higher rate than almost any other publisher - and if you buy it through one of the authors' sites they get an additional sales referral fee.

    I published it as a labor of love and have so far lost about $4000 on it. Oh well...

    Ange said...

    Hi, have just discovered your blog & will be checking for updates regulary. You said you liked seeing bloggers fav cookbooks, check out my sight, in the side bar I am slowly adding my books & then blogging the recipes as I go through them so everyone can see for themselves what they are like - enjoy

    kestypes said...

    Thanks for visiting Ange. I too will be in regular contact with your blog. BTW, where do you get your dried cherries, i've found them a bit difficult to come by, and i love them.


    Haalo said...

    The Essential Ingredient here in Melbourne stock dried cherries - might be the same in sydney.

    jenjen said...

    HI, I totally agree with the postal blogging idea. I love getting things in the mail!!