Saturday, April 22, 2006

We're having a quiet one.

We have eaten nothing but take away and out this week. Shocking, but good.

Tuesday -- fish and chips from our local. Nothing fancy, but good grilled fish and salad (and chips of course)

Wednesday -- the Maya, our fantastic local Dhaba house. Full of dosas all all varieties, thali plates, uttapam and the like. Just delicious, and oooh, as much as $12.00 for dinner. Complete with Bollywood movies on plasma screens dotted around the place.

Thursday -- our favourite Thai takeaway from Thai Thai. If you ask nicely they make a fantastic Century Egg Thai salad which I adore. Black gelatinous eggs, very rich, amongst all those wonderful fresh sourish Thai salad tastes. It's my idea of comfort food.

I started to cook a hock from a recipe found in my new Bones book, but it was a bit of disappointment really. Just too much going on. Flavours fighting with each other. The dogs loved it though with our left over Thai Jungle noodles. Although I think it turned our a little rich for Fly's blood.

She was feeling a bit poorly today.

Last night, dinner with friends at the Wah Wah lounge. If you can't pop down to the Melbourne Wine Room at the George Hotel for one of Karen Martini's steaks, Wah Wah's the next best thing. They serve it with a whole caramelised balsamic onion, and more chips. In summer they do a marvellous dense chocolate mousse served with honeycomb and cherry compote. The cherries are gone for the year, and the raspberry substitute doesn't quite do it for me, but the mousse/honeycomb combo is fabulous.

I have been reading 'Flatbreads and Flavors' this arvo, a fascinating read. It's also got plenty of recipes for things to have with the flatbread including a great fresh sounding South Indian shrimp, tomato and &coconut milk curry. Sounds like us tonight. Some paratha's from Shalimar, our favourite Indian grocer, and we'll be apples. S.O. has gone hunting & gathering for ingredients.

I also have Alford and Duguid's 'Seductions of Rice' which I now feel compelled to sit down with this evening. I love the way one cookbook can lead you to another, and another, and another....

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