Saturday, April 08, 2006

If It Ain't Broke...

We don't need to fix it. Satdee Night. The chook, more of the onions (smaller this time), green beans.

Nigel Slater's Dressing for the beans (by way of Nigella Lawson):

Tablespoon Yellow miso
mixed with
coupla tablespoons hot water,
1 teaspooon rice vinegar
blip of sesame oil
(and I added a teaspoon of honey)

And then

we're gonna roll some fresh figs in sugar, maybe some cinnamon, and throw them in the oven til there's caramel.

We tried to entice our offal eating friends over for breakfast tomorrow -- liver, black pud -- from Eumundi -- eggs, maybe the odd other sausage if there's not enough -- but no takers. Another time.

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