Sunday, April 16, 2006

I am chastened, exhilarated & excited

Being new to this whole blog business I sat down today to some others -- I had no idea there was this marvellous community to which I now feel I can below. I found fantastic Australian food blogs CucinaRebecca, Grab Your Fork, Berry Simple and some fabulous offshore ones --Travelers Lunchbox and Chocolate & Zucchini. What hits me is this:

1. I really have to raise the standard of my photos
2. I'd love to go out hunting and gathering with these people
3. These girls can really spell. ( I have not yet spotted a spelling gaffe)
4. Must improve HTML skills and get laptop and wireless broadband so I can read blogs in backyard Autumn sunshine whenever the mood takes me, AND learn to create fancy sidebars.


helen said...

Aha! Another Syd-based foodblog! Yay!

I've approved your Aust Foodbloggers Ring membership, but you might want to move the code before (!-- End #sidebar --) in your template for better visibility.

Reb said...

yay - good for you to dive in and blog! Keep up the great work and eat eat eat!