Saturday, April 29, 2006

Curries all round.

Thursday night, S.O. made the Olive and Artichoke Pasta. Good for the veg coeliac, as we can cook a portion of gluten free pasta for her.

Last evening, it was curries, curries and more curries. Our friends D&J joined us. It's become a bit of a tradition that we always have curries with them. Lamb Rogan Jhosh, Egg, Panch Pora spuds and J made a different variety of her great dhal. Lots of parathas to soak up the juices. Delicious. S.O. didn't even make too much of a mess. Popped up to Maya sweets to grab some Gulab Jamun (or Gollum Jabores as S.O. calls them) for dessert. Most people find them a little sweet, but we love them.

We now have a fridge brimming with leftovers, in all differing shades of brown. So it's curry for us again tonight. We both have new software to play with, so it'll be computers in separate rooms for us this evening.

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