Sunday, August 05, 2007

Significant Birthday with the Significant Others

We're off too Hanoi. I'm having a significant birthday in November and have decided to spend it in Vietnam. It will certainly conform to an Eating Year, as I plan to scoff my way around the country. (With the exception of Thit Co ~ I'm sorry I just don't think I could do it, what with my own two pups waiting at home for me.)

I'm hoping a gang of friends is coming to join S.O. and I for dinner. I rather like Sticky Rice's Moon River review. I've become an avid reader of the Stickyrice blog.

I'd love to hear from anyone who reads this blog who have had some really special food experiences whilst in Vietnam. Restaurants, Pavement food, Markets, products. Anything really.

I'm going to use this blog as a bit of an info site for those who are joining us, which some links that I've found that look interesting.

For instance, HanoiKids, a group of college and uni students who'll show you their home town. I've got in a request for them to take me to the market and reveal the food secrets.

I've been dealing with the lovely Nhan at Footprint Travel who is very helpful. Even did an online chat with her on Saturday arvo re our plans. My Asian technology has changed since I last visited.

And for the first week we are staying at the Hanoi Elegance 2 [That's 2, not 1!]

Would appreciate any food 'must-dos' from anyone who stumbles across this blog.

Details for my friends:

We are arriving morning of 21 November, CX flight.
Staying at Hanoi Elegance 2 (subject to confirmation of numbers... come on, hurry up)
Dinner on 23 November maybe at Moon River. (The Egg Hating Vegetarian Coeliac, who I hope is coming on same flight as us... and Jan and Andre will check it out).

S.O. is a huge fan of the Vietnamese chicken baguette, so I'm sure he'll become the expert on those while we're away. While the look of that crab thrills me to the socks.

Hen Gap Lai!