Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sushi and Hail

Back on the program

Took me a minute to remember what the third picture was it's so long ago. It was a pumpkin and feta fritta. S.O. even took it to work for his lunch.

A smoked trout salad that I had for lunch, and our favourite ricotta gnocchi with a tomato and roast capsicum sauce instead of our usual gorgonzola. Still pretty good, in fact you can taste its ricotta-ness a lot more. Very delicate.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My goose is cooked

And delicious it was too. The goose was a Xmas present from a friend.

First of all S.O. dunked it in boiling water to tighten the skin. We hung it up to dry and I had a most meditative hour plucking missed quills from its dear little body.

I left the cooking to S.O. He was in the mood and that's always a good thing. He made a fantastic sage stuffing, and had thoughtfully made breadcrumbs from one of our bread efforts and frozen them.

He roasted and basted and roasted and basted some more and voila (or wallah as a friend of mine once wrote). He cooked the spuds in goose fat that we rendered down. Bloody delicious. I have never eaten goose before, and i must say I think I prefer it even to duck ~ and I love duck.

What a great Xmas gift. Thanks Tonti.

I did contribute by making an apple custard tart, and I used the saffron sent by the lovely Emma at The Laughing Gastronome sent me in our Antipodean Blogging by Post Event.

All round a mavellous meal. Definitely not on the program, but who cares.

Still on the Program

Both these super looking meals conform to the CSIRO Wellbeing Diet and were delicious. Stir fried pork fillet, steamed veg with sesame dressing, and rare roast beef with a spinach salad.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Wookie's Favourite Magazine

Lala likes nothing better than a new mag to salivate over. Just like her mother.

Two sorts of tandoori

One night was the Tandoori lamb cutlets with baked cumin pumpkin, panch pora carrots and roasted beetroot, and the second innings was Tandoori chicken with curried cauliflower. We baked the chicken, but grilled the lamb.

And S.O. made a ham and veg frittata one night.

Both were delicious.

And on the CSIRO program. Yay. 2 kilos in two weeks.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Anything I can do, he can do better.

Check out his bread. Perfect sandwich material.

I may as well leave the bread baking to S.O. as well.

We Are Seriously on the CSIRO Diet...

It's the only diet S.O. will even countenance, because there's lots of meat in it. But it does seem to work. Really it's about commonsense and portion control as we all know. See some of the recipes

But really it's not that hard. Nothing compared to the smoking.

Tonight I've been marinating lamb cutlets in yoghurt and tandoori-like spices which we'll grill and have with baked cumin pumpkin and some baked beetroot and perhaps some zucchini.