Monday, September 25, 2006

Looked OK, but didn't taste like much...

Had to have a laksa, just had to. Couldn't go and get one from the local Thai takeaway. Oh no. Had to make one. I don't know what I did or didn't do, but it was very bland. I did like the fresh pineapple in it though.

Note remote and TV guide ~ a night in front of the box.

Due to ongoing tooth problem, there is very little else to report. Hopefully that will be rectified very soon.

I Can't Exactly Remember...

...what I did with these prawns. However it never ceases to amaze me that something that starts off blue will change to pink with the application of some boiling water and about 30 seconds.

I have been monumentally slack... keeping my blog up to date. After all, the whole point of it was supposed to be about what we ate for a year. I have been working on a number of forthcoming TV series about food, including Bill Granger's and Maeve O'Meara's -- formerly of SBS's Food Lovers' Guide to Australia -- Food Safari. At the end of the day, my photos just don't cut it! But that's no excuse. there was a great Harira , although we went a bit early on that one, as it's Ramadan now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

This one needs a food stylist

A kind of guacamole withe corn. Corn, avocado, spring onions, chillis, sumac, lime juice, coriander.

Lovely but ugly. Good with my tuna and a dollop of mayo.


After the success of the roast goose, I decided to try a goose egg found at my local market. It was huge.

It made the most fabulous omelette. And again, preferable to duck for me.

Preserving and Baking

Every year I try to make a batch of Seville Orange Marmalade. I just think the seville oranges make it superior to all others. I use the River Cafe Green book for it, easy and delicious. They recommend soaking the oranges for up to 48 hours to soften the skins and I really think it helps.

When I went to have some a few days later, I realised I'd given it all away. Never mind, just made some more.

While up in the supermarket getting the sugar I discovered the friand tin. How could I resist. Did you know there's 18 grams of butter per friand. I think that's why they taste so good. I quartered a few strawberries onto them in a futile effort to make them seem more benign on the fat stakes. And I used ground hazelnuts rather than almonds, because I love hazelnuts and berries together.