Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Greater Success...

...was had with the apple jelly. Gorgeous colour, lovely consistency, not bad flavour. I used Granny Smiths but would like to try it with a more fragrant apple. So if anyone out there knows their apple properties and can recommend one that will give the same jellyesque quality I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Great Appliance Disasters

It was like something out of a Jacques Tati film. A friend lent me his blender to test drive, as I wanted one with a strong enough motor to do ice. No instructions, but hey, it's a blender. What is there to explain.

Let me tell you what there is to explain ~ don't under any circumstances unscrew the base from the thread or this will happen...

It was meant to be a pumpkin mousse made with silken tofu, with pumpkin pie flavourings. It ended up literally everywhere ~ walls, floor, animals, anything there was to cover in orange slop got covered in orange slop.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have just had the most sensational dinner. Goes like this:

Slice up the best tomatoes you can lay your hands on (I used the Johnny's Love Bites, which are fantastic at the moment)
Put them in a shallow baking dish. Sprinkle over a few leaves of shredded basil. Dice a bit of preserved lemon and sprinkle it over. Break up a piece of fetta over the top. Throw a slug of olive oil over the top, a bit of pepper. You probably don't need salt because of the fetta and the preserved lemon.

Put in a 200 degree C oven until the fetta browns. Scoff immediately with a crusty roll.

It was absolutely sensational. Much more than the sum of its parts.

Think I'll have it again tomorrow night.