Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Organic Challenge: Shopping in Sydney

So I decided to go online shopping to see how 'organically' we could live for a week. As I've said we spend around $200 a week on food (we love to eat), but I thought I'd try $100 ~ say you're a single person who loves to eat.

And this is what we got from Abundant Organics delivery service in Sydney, had we decided to press the checkout button.

You can see what we had in the basked more clearly by clicking on the two images. There certainly wasn't going to be a lot of meat eaten this week. That's okay.

The premise was there should be something to add to all this left over in the store cupboard at home, just like next week there'll still be rice.

I feel like I'm playing 'Ready Steady Cook' but here's what I'd do with this lot.

I think one could make Osso Buco using the meat, the carrots, the onions and maybe add the cannelini beans, a zucchini frittata, a risotto with the pumpkin and feta and herbs. And then there's still the chicken to do something with. Perhaps on the barbie, with some grilled red capsicum and a Greek salad with some more feta, cucumber and tomatoes and any parsley that might be hanging around. There's not a great deal of fruit in here. But I think maybe you could get five lunches and dinners from it with the addition of bread for sandwiches. And to continue on the Greek theme, perhaps devote a potato or two to making a skordalia (We surely must have garlic and olive oil in the store cupboard.)

The pros of this site: a big range in all departments.
The cons: I would rather be able to order a number of lemons (say 5) than a percentage of a kilo.

AND I really would have liked to have had a whole chook on offer, because then I could have used the bones to make stock to use in the risotto.