Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Delizie Di Casa

Sometimes the opening of a small, unpretentious eatery can make a difference to a local community. That's what Delize di Casa has done for East Redfern.

It's a very Melbourne kind of place. (Well, actually it's a very Italian sort of place, but it has that real local ambience that I've found isn't as easy to find in Sydney as it is in Melbourne). And it smells fantastic.

Daniel opened his deli just before xmas, and the impact on us locals has been fantstic. It's a true neighbourhood eatery, and I think I speak for all his customers when I thank from the bottom of my heart for his

Great coffee
Sublime Lasagne
Soup of Day
Marvellous pizza bases
Delicious Italian sausages
and truly gorgeous range of italian small goods and cheeses.

And I hear a rumour there's an Osso Buco pie in development. Bring it on ~ family sized thank you!

Daniel, Jo and V know all their customers by name. And while sometimes, in this hurried, harried world of ours it's too easy to think the service could be a tiny bit faster, you realise that the gang's commitment to the finest produce and not cutting any corners in its service means you get to chat to your neighbours, you hear the local goss, you meet new neighbours, you spend quality time talking about important things like food with the crew from Vine, the bottle shop. (Needs an entry of its own).

It's the principles of Slow Food and buying local at its very best. I have never felt so welcomed and respected as a customer. It's a warm and enthusiatic and big hearted place, so much bigger than its not so large square metrage.

I love having my morning coffee there, and even call in after work (they're open til 7 most nights) just for a catch up. See what's gone on during the day.

Go for a visit and buy yourself a Delizie showbag. I recommend:

Some italian butter
Slices of San Daniele Prosciutto
A fresh lasagne
A couple of pizza bases
Homemade gnocchi
Some olives
a tub of eggplant

oh, and Daniel's tuna dip... oh, and the artichoke and cannelini bean dip.

A good crusty loaf and you're good to go. And go you will ~ back and back.

And a Waste Not, Want Not tip for all you dog loving foodies: Did you know that the skin of a leg of a prosciutto, scored with a sharp knife and slow baked on a rack in the oven til crispy, makes the most delicious doggie treat a canine ever had. Ask you local deli for their ham and proscuitto rinds to make your doggie a happy chappie. (I have even known S.O. to get stuck into them before they reach the pooches).

I for one look forward to the day Daniel opens his pizzeria. In the meantime you can find him at:

Shop 2B, 780 Bourke Street, Redfern 2016. Tel: (02) 9699 9413