Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Redux

This blog has been sadly neglected of late. It was originally set up to document what we ate over the course of a year ~ what we cooked, who we ate it with, what the occasion was. It kind of lost its way, and over a year has passed. But... It is back with renewed vigour. What's causeed its rengeneration? Well, a couple of things. The first, I finally gave the cigarettes away after.. ahem.. 30 years. God knows why it took so long. I did need some help, mainly in the form of the Allen Carr clinic And, touch wood, it seems to have worked. Result ~ one very happy camper with renewed tastebuds and a lust for good food.

Strange things are happening.

Strange thing 1:

I didn't want to drink at all for a month or so. Maybe the hypnotherapy session took away my desire to drink AND smoke. Surely not! A red wine drinker all my life, when I did think about a drink, it was for a white. The dudes at my local bottle shop recommended the Yealands Way Pinot Gris and I've got to tell you it's de-bloody-delicious, (I'm having one now) and the Yealands story is a good one, with a commitment to sustainable practices.

Strange thing 2:
S.O. ( who readers of earlier posts will know is Significant Other) is loving vegetables. I witnessed him eating a ricotta and nettle ~ yes, stinging nettle ~ fritatta and loving it. He also hoe-ed into the eggplant with balsamic and mustard dressing, declaring his approval. Who would have thought. Perhaps he's learnt the value of good nutritional intake from his bout with shingles last year.

This last item is not strange at all really, but very exciting, and the primary reason for the resurgence of the blog ~ I found a CSA in New South Wales.

Some years ago I picked up a book called Farmer John's Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables, a great book by Farmer John Peterson and Angelic Organics. Farmer John runs a CSA. Okay, for those of you who don't know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It was something that had fascinated me from the time I picked up the book, but didn't know of any CSA farms in Australia. With all the extra time I had from not smoking (did you know a pack a day smoker spends 17 DAYS A YEAR SMOKING) I went looking again for a CSA Down Under. And yay, I found one ~ Near River Produce ~ isn't that a beautiful name. I've very much enjoyed reading their story so far, and very excited about being part of it. In two weeks we'll receive the first produce box. I can't wait. So the future of this blog is in what participate in, and how we enjoy our CSA experience.

Come with us, it'll be fun.