Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Great Appliance Disasters

It was like something out of a Jacques Tati film. A friend lent me his blender to test drive, as I wanted one with a strong enough motor to do ice. No instructions, but hey, it's a blender. What is there to explain.

Let me tell you what there is to explain ~ don't under any circumstances unscrew the base from the thread or this will happen...

It was meant to be a pumpkin mousse made with silken tofu, with pumpkin pie flavourings. It ended up literally everywhere ~ walls, floor, animals, anything there was to cover in orange slop got covered in orange slop.


Reb said...

OMG - what a disaster. I did it once with coffee and ... well black specks in about the same pattern placement as you got.

Ellie said...

Oh no!! Hopefully the clean-up didn't take too long :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like the average meal in chez barista.

I love food so much I get it everywhere.

- barista