Monday, September 25, 2006

Looked OK, but didn't taste like much...

Had to have a laksa, just had to. Couldn't go and get one from the local Thai takeaway. Oh no. Had to make one. I don't know what I did or didn't do, but it was very bland. I did like the fresh pineapple in it though.

Note remote and TV guide ~ a night in front of the box.

Due to ongoing tooth problem, there is very little else to report. Hopefully that will be rectified very soon.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I've just finished cooking a laksa. After raucous demands from the Food Fiend, I went to the trendy supermarket to discover
a) no bean turd and
b) no laksa paste.
c) no fresh coriander.

So, I went home and whacked into the wok a lump of tamarind paste, a lump of lemongrass paste, a lump of galingal and some grated fresh tumeric (yay! always a find in Melbourne).

Two secs of frying, add some fresh chillies and some fresh spring onions.

Then coconut milk, water and a fair splosh of very delicious lime juice from a bottle.

And a fish paste thingy, actually called Salmon XO sauce which is mildly Japanese, but it works okay.

Boil a bit.

Then add various veggys - beans, cabbage and broccoli in my case.

Then hokkien noodles and cooked chicken

Then beanshoots, more chilli and more spring onion.

Then hoover up.

Tasted okay. Didn't really go red-orange; probably should have used chicken stock; too much coconut cream went in.

Definitely needs coriander, a la your photo.

I prefer thinner noodles, or Udon, but this was a treat for the Food Fiend.

I got this combination by a random stagger through the internet after googling curry laksa - quick and dirty since I didn't try to google blogs.

Your fans will be disappointed if you stop after a year.

- barista

Barbara said...

I love laksa.