Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My goose is cooked

And delicious it was too. The goose was a Xmas present from a friend.

First of all S.O. dunked it in boiling water to tighten the skin. We hung it up to dry and I had a most meditative hour plucking missed quills from its dear little body.

I left the cooking to S.O. He was in the mood and that's always a good thing. He made a fantastic sage stuffing, and had thoughtfully made breadcrumbs from one of our bread efforts and frozen them.

He roasted and basted and roasted and basted some more and voila (or wallah as a friend of mine once wrote). He cooked the spuds in goose fat that we rendered down. Bloody delicious. I have never eaten goose before, and i must say I think I prefer it even to duck ~ and I love duck.

What a great Xmas gift. Thanks Tonti.

I did contribute by making an apple custard tart, and I used the saffron sent by the lovely Emma at The Laughing Gastronome sent me in our Antipodean Blogging by Post Event.

All round a mavellous meal. Definitely not on the program, but who cares.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ohhoooooow... goose.

And the fat.

You can buy goose fat by the tin for about ten bucks. Worth it for that special hit, I reckon.

Mind you, the week of dieting to compensate is a bit rough.

- dt