Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Tagine

No photos of this one. It went too fast.

Another of our favourite vendors is Ian Hemphill of Herbie's Spices.

Ian stocks the most flavoursome herbs and spices you've ever tasted. I'm not a packet girl generally, but he's done the work for you with the best ingredients you can find anywhere in the world.

He will mail order, although I do think he's a little pricey on that.

Another easy one:

Lamb Shank & Quince/Apricot Tagine

Melt about 50g of butter in a heavy casserole,
add 4 tablespoons of his Ras El Hanout,

Cook for a minute. (The smell is unbelievable)

Put in 4 lamb shanks and coat with the spices and butter, don't brown, just coat.

Add some stock to cover. And a tablespoon or so of honey, and a third of a bunch of coriander leaves, and half a cinnamon stick.

Put on your kaftan and embroidered slippers and pack the hookah.

Leave it for a couple of hours on the stove top until the meat is falling off the bone.

Add about half a poached quince, if you happen to have one. Or maybe even some dried apricots, about half an hour before serving.

Add the rest of the coriander leaves.

Serve with a buttery couscous.

I did a Herbie's mail order today and have some gorgeous Quatre Epice for Pate making, which I plan to do over Easter. We have both Goose and Duck livers. (Not foie gras. I draw the line at that).

Our firends M&M are coming for Easter Saturday tea and they love their tucker. Perhaps the Orange Grove Market on Saturday morning is the go.

I have 'The Biggest Loser' on the TV in the background. It might have to be the next blog the way we're going.

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