Friday, April 14, 2006

We're All Going to Hell

I made the mistake of telling S.O.'s mother that we were having oxtail tonight. But it's Friday! she screeched. In fact, it's Good Friday, but don't let that stand in the way of a good bit of gelatinous marrow I say. She is horrified at us.

And yes, we're having S.O.'s marvellous Oxtail Stew. A family tradition in this house since the advent of Excellent Thursay (the day before Good Friday). We're a day out of whack, but we'll survive.

I was very keen to make a steamed pudding for sweets, but it's just not cold enough. So I think it'll be a quince and/or fig tart with a bit of homemade mango ice cream.

I've noticed that the photos of all our dinners tend to look the same -- browned, sticky, meaty deliciousness -- I suppose they are.

We're off to Orange Grove organic market at Leichhardt tomorrow with Carol (it is her real name) to hunt and gather for what to have tomorrow. I'd be happy to do a rerun of the Tagine. He wants to do something else. Corned Beef perhaps.

Tuesday, Peta , the vegetarian coelic who doesn't like eggs (talk about make it difficult) is back for a few days. Am very excited. I do have some of her gluten free flour in the freezer, so we can always do the gnocchi. And she's a big fan of haloumi with anything.

He wants to serve couscous with the oxtail. I am not yet convinced, but could be, with the right flavourings.

Oh, and tomorrow I want to make pate with the organic goose and duck livers which were a gift at Christmas from Constance McGregor (Don't know if it's her real name or not)

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