Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Saturday

...was a trip to the Orange Grove Market. Highlights: Gympie Farm butter, ohmegod. Thick and yellow. And one of their beautiful Guersey cow bries.

And I had an overwhelming desire to buy a stockpot, I think it's because of my new cookbook - Bone. (More about that later)

Then after a quick trip for animal flea product, we really needed to call into Bitton to replenish our Olive Tapenade stock. We have been known to take this on holidays as our only staple. And while we were there it seemed imperative to grab a jar of Strawberry and Vanilla Jam as well. I mean it's steamed pudding weather very shortly. (Another use for the stockpot)

This stuff is sublime. S.O. uses it in a fantastic recipe for

Spaghetti with Olives and Artichokes

Preserved Artichoke Hearts in oil, cut in half and gently fried until softly caramelised in a tablespoon or so of their own oil. Toss in a couple of teaspoons of salted rinsed capers.

Cook spaghetti. Stir through the Olive Tapenade. Toss in a good handful of Parmesan and tip in the Artichokes and Capers and distribute evenly through the pasta.

Visit Bitton's website or better still visit his shop in Alexandria in Sydney, and treat yourself to breakfast.

M&M for dinner, who, like our Friday night guests S&P are marvellously appreciative eaters. S.O. made lasagne, and then I cut up some figs, added a drizzle of sticky wine and some brown sugar, a few pieces of poached quince and threw it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Honestly, CSIRO Wellbeing Diet, here we come. We have really overindulged this Easter.

And our fine guests on Friday, left a Haigh's Easter Eggs. Lordie. Sue & Pete (their real names) are also fans of Nigel's. I hope we'll be seeing more of them.

That said, I'm make Pate this afternoon. A recipe of Mr Slater's so it's bound to be good.

Our neighbour Rach calls us Mr & Mrs Porky Sleepy. I hope it's a term of affection!

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