Friday, April 07, 2006

Mm-mm (is that how you spell it?)

People, remember this name -- the Eumundi Smokehouse (402 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill). We saw 4 revolutions of New Canterbury Rd and a couple of Old Canterbury Rd, but my goodness it was worth it in the end. David Kasmaroski's smokehouse is a thing made in heaven.

S.O., who normally reserves a sharp intake of breath for a pretty plane -- the Catalina usually -- was intaking sharply all over the shop.

Is this a man who loves what he does, or what. When we got there, a note on the door -- Closed -- oh me god, no, because we can smell it.

I rang the number of the shop from the footpath, bleating and wailing, and the door magically opened.

David's a generous soul -- "Taste it" -- so after the Hunter's Sausage, the Chourico, the Boudin Noir, it was on. What to buy. Of course, I always buy like I'll never get back there, so...

Pork and Guiness Sausages
Black Pudding
Boudin Noir
Italian Fennel Sausages
Gypsy Ham...

and a couple of gift snags we came away incredibly excited. And under $30.00.

He HAS to do a cookbook.

Meanwhile, we have Quinces. The last time I did Flo Beer's Pickled Quinces was five years ago, and we're nearly out. So time again.

Those, and Seville Orange Marmelade are my winter tasks.

Since last posting, we had some marvellous steak from the AC Butchery on Tuesday.

Wednesay was S.O.'s fantasic pork & veal meatballs and spaghetti.

Thursday - Risotto again. (Some serious dental work had gone on for Yours Truly, so I needed something soft)

My friend Peta, (not her real name) has just reminded me that the Pumpkin & Smoked Chook Risotto got its Chookness from the smoked chicken breasts we used to buy at the Fox markets. And guess what -- they were Eumundi's.

As I write this, we have just Hoovered duck sausages, roast sweet potato with cumin&maple syrup, and peas. Bloody delicious. AH, the weekend. And two short weeks coming up.

He's having a flying lesson and I'm pickling quinces. And the humidity is only 27%. It doesn't get much better than that.

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