Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's all fading away...

I cannot, for the life of me remember what we have eaten this week. I'll try and work it out by going backwards:

Wednesday ~ Ricotta Gnocchi with Blue Cheese
Tuesday ~ aha, went to friend Tania's for a delicious dinner ~ Duck Salad with Noodles, and Poached Pears

[very long pause]....

Monday ~ Greek inspired lamb meatballs with lots of flavourings and fresh herbs, home made hummous, tomato salad, Lebanese pickles and pita bread.

And Sunday was the pizza.

And tonight, a visit to the Wah Wah Lounge for our fortnightly Sirloin and Chips, followed by the affogato. We were so quiet, we were asked if we were okay. Mais oui, not fighting, just scoffing.

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