Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Weekend

Thursday evening was fend for yourself night. S.O. went off to see a friend's film which I couldn't get to and had a kind of polenta based bubble and squeak for my dinner.

Friday night, our soon to be wed friends came over to show off THE RING. Lovely it is too. S.O. made a great big tray of lasagne and I tried out an olive oil and pine nut bread, which wasn't too bad. A rocket salad, and Bob's Your Uncle.

He then went to Party interstate on Saturday, so I got to eat leftover lasagne with my hangover on Saturday night. Did manage to throw together some Chocolate & Cherry Brownies, thanks to finding the recipe at The Food Palate. I don't think mine was as good though, and they ended up being hellishly expensive as I couldn't be fagged going to the supermarket (it was the hangover you understand) and so bought the Lindt chocolate and the good butter at the local Convenience Store. Yikes.

Feeling much more refreshed on Sunday, I was able ~ finally ~ to make a platoon of Cheesy Feet for the Cookbook Fairy.

And there's a bit pot of Minestrone on the stove. And yes, that's a Parmesan rind floating in it. Something Marcella Hazan recommends. Keep the ends of your parmeson in an airtight bag in the freezer and add to your veg soups. Delicious.

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