Saturday, May 20, 2006

Calzone Catastrophe

It all started off well. A trip to the market. Lots of nice organic meat and some delicious looking veg. One piece of cheese this week ~ it seems to be as close as we get to being on the program. Some gorgeous looking grapes that I was going to use for the pork, but oh no... I had to get over enthusiastic about the bread making. It had been going so well.

The grapes just looked magic, and smelled fantastic, mixed with rosemary, toasted pine nuts, ricotta, sugar and a splash of sherry.

Nothing out of the ordinary going on with the bread dough. All seemed fine.

I think I didn't roll it thin enough, and didn't cook them at high enough heat. Anyway, half of them exploded back to their pizza origins, although that looked quite nice, and the others just looked like bad, bready pasties.

The photo at the top is Mr. Oliver's, whose recipe it was. The beauty of the digital camera with a macro lens. The photo at the bottom are the poor sad creatures I turned out.

Postscript: I thought I just saw the dog with her ball in her mouth. Nup, it was a Catastrophic Calzone fresh from the kitchen bench! At least she likes them.


Ellie said...

Buck up, soldier! I commiserate with you for the not so successful calzone (which, I must admit, makes me a bit nervous about trying them myself), but if it’s any comfort, the shot of the inside with the filling looks delightfully yummy! Mmm, pine-nuts! What cheese did you use?

kestypes said...

Thanks Ellie

The filling was great. I used ricotta. Probably in a tart it'd be lovely. The bread was just toooo much.