Monday, May 08, 2006

Loaves & Fishes

Well, Connie Kitchenaid got put through her paces on Sunday, and she lived up to every expectation.

Friends for lunch, so first off a Chocolate Marbled Cheesecake from Julie LeClerc's 'Feast@home'. Delicious, although I think I cooked it for a couple of minutes too long ~ cream cheese, chocolate, eggs, butter ~ what's not to like. Served with some poached quinces.

Then the bread. Terriby excited about getting that dough hook in action. Jamie Oliver has never let me down yet, so I figured he'd be a good place to start. Jamie & Connie both did me proud in spite of the fact I used coarse semolina instead of semolina flour. The tomato & basil foccaccia was splendid. Not only did it look like something to be proud of, it tasted sublime. And enough left over for a small loaf sprinked with za'atar.

I have just finished that off today with a very generous smear of the duck rillettes.

S.O. hit his barbecue straps. Two charcoal barbies going ~ the smoking oven (the Big Green Egg ~ more about that later) and the hibachi. Salmon, Butterflied lamb and whicken wings. It was all great.

Saturday night, those two winking rainbow trout from the market got pan fried and gobbled.

Fresh out of semolina now and bursting to make more bread, when really I should be working. The perils and temptations of the home office. We do have lots of polenta though, so I'm sure I can find a good corn bread recipe to have with the (Eumundi Smokehouse) chorizo tonight.


Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Yum. I imagine your marble cheesecake turned out just like the cover from Feast.

I've very jealous of your Kitchenaid. Your bread looks great too!

Ange said...

Sounds fab, have never made a foccacia before, am dying to give it a go

kestypes said...

Hi Ange,

The bread was great. I've never been very good at the whole kneading thing. Never seem to get it elastic enough. But Connie Kitchenaid really does the job.

Put it another way -- with a decent loaf of bread being $6.50 in this town -- that's less than 100 loaves and the appliance has paid for itself. Minus ingredients of course.

And it's much more fun, fabulously delicious, and you can wear your ugg boots while you're doing it :)