Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Search for the Perfect Snag 1

No, I don't mean one of those blokes who can cook and clean AND fix things, I mean the good old porky variety. (No smutty jokes, please!)

Without even realising we seem to have been on a quest for the sausage of our dreams. We love the ones from the Eumundi smokehouse. Our local butcher had some very nice looking pork sausages ~ a new mix he tells me ~ that I felt needed testing. And delicious they were. Your basic pork sausage: fat and glistening.

To let the sausage shine, we decided on Nigella Lawson's very, very simple Sausages & Lentils. Damn fine, they were.

Desert ~ Defrosted some poached plums I had lurking in the freezer, along with a baby Panettone (I hoard them after Xmas, also in the freezer), and a splash of cream.

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