Saturday, May 13, 2006

Not A Cupcake Craze, But A Foot Fetish

We've still got bread, so I could hardly make more. But ever since reading about Nigella's Cheesy Feet in her book, Feast I've wanted to make them. And the Vegetarian Egg Hating Yak found a foot cookie cutter at Peter's of Kensington when we were there buying the KitchenAid.

So, many feet later, I had a boxful to take to our friends M&M where we were going on Saturday night. I couldn't believe when their kids said, "But I don't like cheese." Doesn't matter, the adults loved 'em.

They looked like the appendages of Bart Simpson to me. I also made some hand ones. And of course, not being able to leave well enough alone, I added some Morrocan seasoning to one batch ~ Fez Feet, and Italian Seasoning to another ~ 'Talian Tootsies.

S.O. nibbling my toes below.

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