Friday, July 07, 2006

And Another Food Parcel

This time from Bron Marshall . More goodies, including my favourite mag ~ Cuisine.

We have hoed into it already. The fudge is gone. Beautiful smooth creamy fudge. Have made a dent in the honey drops, although having Manuka honey in them they could be considered positively good for you.

The Mushroom and Thyme dip was a ripper. Great with the bagel chips. A kind of new better tasting take on the old French Onion and Sour Cream that was around when I was a gal in the '70s.

I will keep you posted on the rest as it hits our mouths.

Thanks Bron.


Emma said...

Looks great! And thanks so much for my parcel, I have posted about it today.

Bron said...

You're most welcome Kerrie, and thank you for my delicious parcel!!
I've posted about it all today, sorry for the delay!