Tuesday, July 18, 2006

30 Days Fag Free

Woo hoo. Over four weeks without a cigarette. Not even a nicotine patch. Just sheer bloody mindedness. Three kilos extra, but hey, it'll come off eventually. I am constantly hungry.

We did a trip to Haberfield to stock up on all the Italian goodies and came away with some fresh borlotti beans. They are so beautiful. I cooked them in 'the italian way' as suggested by Jamie and the River Cafe team, and they were truly delicious. Apparently putting tomatos in while you're cooking them helps to soften them.

We had also bought some quail at Haberfield, and S.O. made a gorgeous quail grilled with a salt and sage crust from the River Cafe book.

Also tried some more sourdough, which was looking good, but again the crust. It's lethal. Far, far too hard. I don't know what I"m doing wrong.


Paul said...

Well done on the no cigs. You've done the hard bit now. The rest is easy. I gave up last year after smoking a pack of 30 a day (and strong ones) and went cold turkey as well. I followed the two step method. Step 1 - Don't put a cig in your mouth. Step 2 - Repeat step 1.
Good luck on your quest.

Ellie said...

Congratulations on the 1 month mark! And the shopping haul looks great!

kestypes said...

Thanks guys.

It's been hard, but good.

After a bottle of red though, it's really, really, REALLY hard...

Paul, your advice is the best i've heard.

Paul said...

Here is the third step of the two step rule...

(1) a pack of cigs is $10-$12.

(2) There are 28-31 days in a month.

(2) Give up smoking and drink a bottle of grange every month!!