Sunday, July 02, 2006

Antipodean Blogging By Post III

Parcels, parcels.

One from Emma at Laughing Gastronome and another from Paul at eatnz .

Both great. Emma found some fabulous treats. We are now addicted to Pineapple Lumps. In fact, I scoff one as I type. Thankfully my Kiwi physio has alerted me to a local chemist that sells them. Who would have thought. Can't wait to try the herbs, and have plans for the saffron in a sweet saffron bread. I have to fess up though that my evil dog (who, as a result of this episode and the bread dough some weeks ago has had to undergo some serious behaviour therapy) scoffed the Schoc. And it looked and smelled so beautiful.

Paul has provided the 'method' -- a copy of the Edmonds Cookery Book (from what I gather a bit like Cookery the Australian Way) complete with the necessary box of baking powder. Marvellous, no nonsense recipes. I whipped up a batch of Honey Snaps after dinner the night it arrived and they were bloody delicious. (Page 41 for anyone with a copy, which I suspect is any self-respecting Kiwi.)

Thanks to both of you.


cin said...

Thanks for organising this!

Barbara said...

Some lovely goodies there. Thanks for organising the blog by post Kestypes

Ellie said...

Pineapple lumps!! My kiwi mate always brings some back for us when she goes over to visit her family every xmas - try sticking them in the freezer before eating them, absolutely brilliant!

Emma said...

I am glad you liked everything. Your dog must have been bouncing off the walls after that 100% chocolate!
Here's to another round soon!