Sunday, June 11, 2006

The week's Vittles

Sausages twice this week. That's bad. But when they're as good as Romeo's and it's freezing outside it's hard to resist. The first round was the Italian Pork Sausages with creamy polenta. Paula Wolfert's oven baked polenta, and it's marvellous. Really creamy and absolutely no stirring. S.O. cooked up the snags in a tomato ragu and of course the polenta had some cheese in it.

Then something slightly more healthy ~ roast lemon chicken with coucous studded with basil, olives, capsicum, preserved lemon.

Thursday night, Black Pudding redux with apple and mustard mash for me. He's scared of the black pudding, so had a salami, chessy melty thing on that good bread wot I made.

Friday ~ Turkish takeaway.

Saturday ~ more successful bread making to a point. Some of the dough was made for the pizza, with the rest becoming two small loaves of ciabatta. However, there was an incident. See next entry.

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