Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lala is a very naughty Wookie

As mentioned in previous post, I made a couple of small ciabatta loaves on Saturday night. They were proving under teatowels in the loungeroom, and from the front of the house we heard a bit of a racket, but figured the cookbooks had tumbled off their shelf again and thought nothing of it.

Some 20 minutes later, I went to put the bread in the oven. Only one loaf remained.

Our very bad schnauzer, whose guts we always knew would get her into trouble had scoffed about 600 grams of uncooked bread dough.

Hysterical I called the vet, who confirmed that, yes, it could do her some damage and to keep a very close watch on her. Over the next couple of hours, she puked up various bread roll sized lumps of dough around the backyard. Once we knew she was out of danger, she was in serious trouble.

Handy tip ~ embed vet magnet in loaf of bread for easy access.

She's looking a bit sorry for herself today.


jenjen said...

poor puppy... it looks like she learned her lesson though.
My dog Jack has been caught eating a bin full of discarded cupcake liners. He learned never to do that again too.

Ellie said...

Very glad to hear that she escaped with just an upset tummy. Darned dogs and the things they get into!

swee said...

Hi! found your blog in grabyourfork, well, the food looks great!!
sorry about ur doggie, I hope she's doing well now ;) Have a good week!

chocolatesuze said...

hehe funny but uh ewww lol hope your dog is doin better tho!