Friday, June 02, 2006

I am so confident...

...that the sourdough is going to be a complete disaster that I have bought some genuine Authentic San Francisco Sourdough Starter .

Is it cheating? I don't know. Will it be good? I sincerely hope so.

This is what Linda's starter and finished loaves look like, and she offers free Tech Support. What a service.

Stay tuned.


Tania said...

I had to laugh in sympathetic horror at your sourdough starter adventure. You are a braver woman than I even to attempt it! Well done!

I found your blog from Milk & Cookies, and I will admit it's the photo of the dachsie (it is a dachsie, yes?) that caught my eye. Are you owned by a dachshund?? I am! They are the best!!

kestypes said...

Hi tania,

Thanks for your sympathy. It was a truly ghastly experience. Yes, it's a daschsie. One of my dogs is a shelter rescue that does have some dasch in her, but not much. I'm a big fan of them. Have been looking for one to rescue. Send me a photo, or is there one on your blog, which I've now found.