Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another one.

I already have far too many cookbooks, but it was a lovely bookshop browsing Saturday, and I had new glasses, all the better to see with, so I succumbed and bought Karen Martini's Where the Heart Is. The Melbourne Wine Room is one of our favourite places, so Karen releasing a book was a must have.

I tihnk it will become an oft used one. Some nice refinements and changes to a number of old favourites.

To relieve the guilt of another cookbook I really didn't need to have, I also bought The Ethics of What We Eat, Peter Singer and Jim Mason's extraordinary book. I haven't thought about becoming a Vegan again since Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

I love the structure of Singer's book, taking three families and tracking their food choices back through their means of production, specifically looking at humane animal practice. While I knew a bit about intensive chicken farming, the pig farming nearly broke my heart. It is confirming my efforts to go that bit further and get organic 'happy' meat whenever possible. And if we can't, well, we should just do without.

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Haalo said...

Just got Karen's book yesterday - looks really good with approachable food, trouble is deciding which recipe to try first!