Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nothing much new on the food stakes this week.

Our good eating friends joined us Sunday evening but announced on their arrival that had very, very ordinary shanks and couscous the night before at one of their friend's places. Quelle horreur! We were having...gulp... shanks and coucous. But it was okay. And they both scoffed lots of bread. They were so enthusiastic about it, that I gave M a loaf to take home. And she paid me the greatest compliment ~ she'd been trying to work out a way of hiding it in her clothing on the way back from the bathrom. Doesn't get much better than that.

Other than Sunday, a lot of takeaway and eating out, with one fritatta thrown into the mix about Wednesay.

I am v. excited though that my Sourdough Starter arrived. I have been feeding it diligently all week and it's looking like it might be a goer. Next Saturday will be the proof (or is that the proving?)

Earlier in the week our friend Pete had left part of a bottle of Cooper's Pale Ale here. What better thing to do than to make some Beer Bread. Very cute. Came out like five interlocking mini loaves or large rolls. Not our favourite so far, but quite decent.

Used up the end of the beautiful spiced cherries in a mid-week Ice Cream Sundae. Ice cream, cherries with their spicy syrup, organic cream and flaked almonds. Deeeelicious!

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