Sunday, January 22, 2012

Killing a number of birds

So here's what happens when you get randomly generated advertising combined with bullshit spammy promotions. (I include this post on this blog because spam used to be considered food). While playing a word game via facebook, these two images popped up on the bottom of my screen.  How random! And how hideous. And there' s probably not even an actual person responsible. What is one supposed to do with it?
a.  Make a donation before taking off on the luxury scoff-fest cruise,
b.  See if said luxury cruise is available to the Horn of Africa
c.  Hope like hell cruise captain doesn't have mullet, is a coward and flirts his away across the high seas.

I think b, don't you. The luxury cruise to the Horn could be then attacked by pirates, money and food taken from ship could assist hunger crisis, and cruise ship line could think about whether to pay ransome for mullet-headed captain.

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