Monday, January 23, 2012

Food trucks be damned ~ Half baked potatoes and some taco's (sic)

Random is right. Oh for fuck's sake, Sydney. The government sanctioned, highly licensed, let's do it by tender for the good of the city, food truck. You've missed the point. And I quote "Trends evolving into concepts." What a load of rubbish. Does this city have an original idea in its head? Remember Harry's Cafe de Wheels. It was our first food truck, and now the same city has ensured there's not a wheel in sight at Harry's.

Everybody in this video appears to be preparing their food in a restaurant kitchen. Oh, of course, that would be the audition. Not a food truck in sight. So is the city providing the truck? And good luck with parking in this burg.

And you know, it's not about NYC, it's actually about immigrant groups in LA finding a way of serving inexpensive but good food to folks of their homeland, or if they're not from the homeland, at least they like eating.  And they were convenient. The trucks were regularly moved on. It was kind of secret, it was about exploration, and throwing caution to the wind, and finding something 'other'. And finding great inexpensive food.

Will an Ethiopian/Sudanese/Greek/Maltese/whatever cabbie feel good about going to one of these places? Can they afford it? That's who these things should be for. Jeez, remember the kebab/donut van.

This all looked pretty My Food Truck Rules to me. Thank god there's an app. And I'm so pleased it has the impramateur of the Daily Tele. Phew.

But rest assured, all will be okay. Apparently the city has a Late Night Economy Manager. And the people who have chosen which food trucks will be parked on the bike path are mainly journalists. We are in safe hands.

Don't get me wrong. Food trucks ~ go forth and multiply. Take loaves and fishes into the 'burbs. Park outside the local Meriton building on Friday night, but please don't become an overpriced restaurant on wheels in George Street or the Rocks, or you've missed the point.

Will the trucks be going any further west than Chinatown? Nothing should be over 10 bucks. And please, could the Late Night Economy Manager  ensure that the apostrophe in more than one taco is removed!

Melbourne, at this point, is laughing its head off. Sorry for the rant, but I hate to see a good thing dumbed down.

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