Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bamboo shoot pong

There's something about the odour of bamboo shoots I just can't stomach. Don't know why but every time I have them, I get a whiff before putting them in my mouth and that whiff puts me right off. I googled it, as you do, to see if I was alone or not. It appears I'm not the only one. I don't have an aversion to strong smelling food, but there's just something about them that turns my stomach. There's a whole lot of people here who also don't like it.

My latest run-in with them came while test driving the Marion's Kitchen's Green Thai Curry. It was all going swimmingly. The curry paste was fragrant, the dried additions were zingy... And then the pouch of bamboo shoots had to go in. I'd never actually realised before that it was THAT SMELL that I didn't like about quite a bit Thai food. I did what Marion told me and added it. Didn't rinse them, just put them in, but somehow now they are overriding all the other deliciousness I had before.

I'm not having a go Marion, honest, I think what you've done is great. Much nicer than anything else out there, but oh god, I desperately wish I hadn't added that pouch of BS. Water chestnuts? Maybe. But really, I don't think Marion's kit needs that fourth pouch. The product is good enough. Make it a vegetable suggestion, but please, don't make it compulsory.

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