Saturday, January 07, 2012

Back to the Future?

Ingredients, techniques and products I can live without in 2012

Basil-fed snails
Popcorn shoots
Aero shots ~ a breathable  Caffeine and Vitamin mix in an inhaler in packing that a cross betwen an asthma inhaler and a bullet.

The first from Volt ink, the second in Gingerboy, the third, a product I think the world might be better off without

And I never want to hear the word sous-vide again!

The Futurist Cook Book is starting to look not so silly after all. Let's face it, it's only a matter of time before  Diabolical Roses (Red roses, battered and deep-fried) turn up on a menu or Master Chef... Proposed as a side dish or contorni, I can actually imagine them as a desert or sweetmeat, in a fine tempura batter with icing sugar and a rose petal confit on a big white plate... NO, what am I saying. Further interrogation of La Cucina Futurista is definitely required. A Futurist dinner party may be in order. Oh, the irony.

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