Sunday, October 29, 2006

What We Hunted & Gathered

Here is a selection of some of the marvellous things we did find though: Grandvewe Cheeses, absolutely marvellous Pecorino, Manchego style and a Camembaa.
Ice cream from the valley ~ with the blueberry and cinammon unmasked.
And this stuff is fantastic~Bill's Beetroot Marmalade. The Drink of the Gods ~ Ashbolt Elderflower Concentrate. Absolutely delicious wth soda or mineral water, as a hot tea with lemon, and bloody gorgeous with a slug of vodka. And when you're already struggling under the weight, the airline restrictions and the eskies, what better thing to do that stop at Wursthaus at Oliver's and pick up a few kilos of wallaby and beef fillet on the bone.

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Paul said...

YUM ! Sounds great, some nice wines in Tassie as well.