Friday, March 24, 2006

The Day After the Night Before

We are both feeling a little seedy this morning after S.O.'s birthday dinner.

The duck is still in the fridge, so must be cooked this weekend. What we did instead was: Fennel Sausages in a Tomato Ragu, Braised Fennel with Garlic and Onions, accompanied by Grilled Polenta and Olive Bread for those who needed extra carbs. Followed by the ever trusty affogatos. It was a little warm to be stirring polenta for 40 minutes yesterday, but I think I sweated so much I cleaned out all the toxins in my skin. Eeeugh!

Far too much wine drunk for a school night, and much detritus in the kitchen this morning. And please, don't talk about cigarettes. Pilates will not be pleasant today.

The Fennel was something I'd never done before, but was a winner:

Slice Baby Fennel bulbs in half, removing the feathery bits. Brown slightly them in olive oil and butter, add quartered red onions and brown them too.

Add a good slurp of wine -- I used white last night, but I think red would be fine too -- and some chicken stock.

Throw in a many peel garlic cloves as you wish, they go delightfully benign when braised. Pop in a few sprigs of time and a bit of the feathery fennel bits and throw it in the oven on 180 degrees centrigrade (350 Farenheit) for about half an hour, until the fennel and onion are soft.

I have to say it was really yummy. Great with anything porky.

It's a rainy stormy day in Sydney, but still humid. The sky tells you that you want soup, but the temperature says make sure it's gazpacho.

I can't yet contemplate what to have this evening. It's what we call 'Date Night' in this house. Usually means we stay home. Perhaps there's enough leftovers... though a curry would be good... or...

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