Monday, August 08, 2011

Feast magazine: feast your eyes on this

While in the supermarket this afternoon, my eye was caught by this beautiful magazine cover. The turquoise and red said Vietnam, and there enjoying a bowl of noodles was Luke Nguyen. "I haven't seen this before" I said to self. The reason? This is the first issue, and after just a cursory flick on the way home in the car, I'm loving it. SBS appear to have put the entire first issue on the net for our previewing pleasure. You too can flick through it here. It seems to have its culinary feet planted firmly in multiculturalism and is covering different exotic territory to anything else out there. When was the last time you saw a recipe for roti chanai in a monthly food magazine? And with a subscription price of $49 for 12 issues, I think it's pretty good buying. I hope it stays around, and I'll be subscribing to assist in that. Must go, and give this mag the attention it deserves.

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organic australia said...

Congratulations SBS. This is a FAB magazine!